Before registering as a candidate with Compass, please read the following.





Compass is committed to child safeguarding and ensuring the welfare of children through safer recruitment. All candidates registering with Compass will undergo a number of checks to ensure their suitability to work with children. When submitting a CV to Compass, ensure that this has been completed to an acceptable standard.





Employment history must show start and completion dates as months and years and any gaps must be explained. A complete educational background is required, showing awarding institutions for each level of qualification with the awarded grade(s). Dates of attendance at each institution must show months and years. Teachers should include their DfES or registration number. Refer to our CV Writing page.





All candidates are required to provide at least two professional referees. Nominated referees must include the current (or most recent) school leader and only school email accounts will be accepted. We appreciate the sensitive nature of requesting references and therefore we will only do so with the expressed permission of a candidate. References are verified by telephone.





Candidates will be asked to provide any current DBS or police checks to cover the previous 5 years. We advise all teachers currently working overseas or planning to go, to ensure that they obtain a relevant police check when it is time to leave any country so that they have full coverage of their time spent working abroad. Candidates may be required to complete an International Child Protection Certificate.