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“In 2003 a group of community leaders in Mzuzu and a group of Malawians living in the USA had a ‘dream’ to build an internationally accredited secondary school in Mzuzu Malawi. Having recognised that northern Malawi had a shortage of quality educational institutions, Dr. Anna Msowoya Keys spearheaded the effort to build Mzuzu International Academy. Despite many challenges, Dr Keys and her team realised their dream and Mzuzu International Academy Senior (Secondary) School opened its doors in September 2010. By September 2015 the school was able to offer Primary Classes from Year 1 to Year 6. In September 2017 the addition of a Reception Class will enable the academy to serve children from age 4 through to IGCSE in Year 11, normally age 16.

Mzuzu International Academy aims to go beyond academic excellence; it was founded to provide students with a ‘whole’ education- one that focuses on academic rigor, social development and moral growth. Mzuzu International Academy strives to produce not only university ready students but also future leaders who have a strong moral compass and are committed to giving back to the communities in which they live. The goal of Mzuzu International Academy is to ensure its graduates are prepared to enter further education either here in Malawi or internationally and have the skills needed to be lifelong learners.”


For teachers working at Mzuzu International Academy, this is not a job but a project. Compared to the bright lights of Dubai etc. this is a real hardship posting where power is intermittent, email links are up and down, although there is enough to eat -if you have money- the selection is not always great.

The school is cut off, 4 hours by road from Lilongwe and it is not a drive to be done after dark, with too many unlit goats and bicycles wandering around. Yet despite its problems Malawi is the Warm Heart of Africa. The people are nice but desperately poor. If the school has a mufti day, the fee for not wearing uniform levied by the Student Council is 300 Kwacha, about 30p.

Despite all these challenges, there is a willingness of these students to learn and to be very creative with limited resources. If you want to discover more about Mzuzu International Academy, visit the school website at and

Posted on 16th September 2019

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