We advise candidates before submitting their CV to ensure that it contains the following information.





Personal Information:


Full name

Date of birth

Marital status

Number of dependant children

Contact details – email address, telephone number, Skype name

DfE/TRN or teacher number

Include a photograph in this section (head & shoulders shot)





Educational Background:


Begin with the most recent qualification achieved, follow in reverse chronological order.

Provide the full name of the awarding institution.

Include the course title and level of qualification.

State the date (month/year) each qualification was achieved.





Professional Experience:


Begin professional background with the current (or most recent) place of employment.

Continue in reverse chronological order.

All dates of employment (start/end of contract) are included in month/year format.

Any gaps in professional experience must be highlighted and explained.





Continuing Professional Development (CPD):


Provide details of courses and workshops attended.

Include the date for each course/workshop.

Provide further details about what was covered in each course.

Include details of any certification or award that was achieved.





Hobbies & Interests:


Provide some background about personal interests and hobbies.

List any memberships of organisations, clubs and societies outside of professional life.





DBS & Police Checks:


Candidates will be asked to provide any current DBS or police checks. We advise all teachers currently working overseas or planning to go, to ensure that they obtain a relevant police check when it is time to leave any country so that they have full coverage of their time spent working abroad.





If you have any questions about CV writing, do  Contact us to discuss.